Group Music Lessons For Kids Aged 4-5_

Do you have a young child and want to create a love and passion for music?  Group music lessons may be for them.  Are they between the ages of four and five?  If so they have not yet developed the finger dexterity or attention span for traditional private classes.  That’s why we have created the group music lessons for kids.  It’s a fun and interactive experience for your child that immerses them a music environment with other children their own age.

Become A Little Musician with Group Music Lessons For Kids


Give them the opportunity to meet fellow budding musicians.  Let your child learn to read music, play basic notes on the keyboard, and about the other instruments that make up a band or orchestra.

Kindle in them the passion of music.  Give them a gift they will take with them forever.  Create a love of something great.  This is the perfect time to grow a new skill.  Get your child interested in music today, and watch them thank you tomorrow.

group music lessons for kids

Give Your Child a Head Start with Music Starting at Just $20.00

Our highly skilled and experienced group children’s music teacher uses a variety of interactive resources.  These include video, group work, and fun activities.  Each class is designed to be small and informal, maximizing the comfort of your child and ensuring they have a fun and rewarding experience.  We are ready to teach your child.  The Alpharetta Learning Center is passionate about your education.  Don’t settle for less when you can have the best.  Do it now!

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