Piano Lessons for Children and Adults in Alpharetta Georgia

Piano Lessons can be fun and affordable.  It’s never to early or late to start learning to play the piano.  It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 or 50!

At the Alpharetta Learning Center, our piano teachers have the experience, education, and passion to get you started.  We cover everything you need to know.  Reading notes to finger dexterity and placement, to timing, rhythm and more.  Don’t worry, it will be fun and exciting to learn the Piano.

From young children to senior citizens we can teach all!  Beginners and trained musicians welcome!  All skill levels welcome!

You can get quality Piano lessons locally

_Don’t get pay more and get less.  Get high quality at a fair price.

Our classes are designed to be fun yet challenging.  Our teachers are trained to work around your skill level and advancement pace.  If you’re a natural or someone that takes a little longer to learn, we’ll design a custom curriculum around your skill level.  Piano Lessons should be catered to fit your schedule and learning style.  That’s what we do at the Alpharetta Learning Center.


Alpharetta Piano Lessons



Learning to play the piano is both fun and rewarding.  It can help to develop finger dexterity as well as mental functioning.  Now is the time to develop that desire you’ve always harbored, or to grow a valuable skill for your loved one.  We have Alpharetta’s best prices on private lessons for piano.  You’re guaranteed to enjoy while saving money and learning a great new ability.


Contact us today to schedule your first piano lesson!  See how rewarding it can be to learn a musical instrument.  And remember – you’ll get the benefit of a passionate teacher that loves to help people learn the piano.

You can learn about the history of piano’s by visiting the Wikipedia page on piano’s.